The Gardens – Brunch Club & Social House

The Gardens – Brunch club & Social house

“No matter how busy a person is, if they care, they will always find the time for you.”

Jen and I only had a short time left after she bought something from Tiendesitas. Our feet were just lead by our stomach, hungry enough to land in this dainty restaurant fronting Tiendesitas. Initially, we intend to just grab our favorite coffee but we decided to look around and spotted “The Gardens”.

It’s almost lunchtime and most of the tables were occupied when we arrived after browsing on the menu that they displayed outside.

Isn’t it so welcoming?

Their walls are made of glass so we can see what’s waiting for us inside. The interior is a combination of rustic and shabby chic in my opinion as there are flashes of pastels around. So it is very inviting too.

We always have this fear of ordering something we won’t like eventually, or won’t passed our taste buds, especially if it’s our first time, not only that but because we know how to cook and we’ve tried similar recipes in many different places. But because we get easily lured by the attractive presentations. We are both “visuals”.

While carefully choosing what to order, we had sweet potato fries called – out in advance. It’s supposed to be our dessert but we’re already hungry. =)


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Sweet Potato Fries


When they served it, we are ready with our orders, and it’s nice to calculate that it took them less than 15 minutes to serve the rest of our food so while we’re waiting, we were nibbling with the sweet potatoes that could do us good, especially for our skin, except for its’ sugar content.

So I had this:

Truffle Eggs with Mushroom and cheese

And Jen, declaring she’s trying to lose some pounds lately, just took this tempting Basil Aglio Olio Gambas to her heart’s content. But you see, there’s a rice on the side. =)

Basil Aglio Olio Gambas

The place isn’t too big, it can seat like more or less than 50 guests, but it was nice to realize that there is privacy in each table.

Before we left, I was able to take some pictures of their counter and ceiling which looked familiar to me. I saw something like this from Alabang, however it’s sad that said place was close already.

I want something like this at home.=)

Nowadays, it takes a lot for a restaurant to thrive, to improve the menu, maintain excellent service aren’t just what it takes to keep the business going. I think it takes passion, maybe invite your network to try your place and let the words reach people around. And let it evolve continuously, do research and seek advice or recommendations.

As for me, I like what I ordered, and if this place is just near to me, I won’t mind going back every now and then. Not to forget mentioning the contagious smiles of their attendants too.

The Gardens is located at 117 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C5),Barangay Ugong, Pasig


A Resto with a Soul… Cafe Juanita

Cafe Juanita

The first time I’ve been to Cafe Juanita was a year ago. It was my soul buddy’s birthday treat. As far as I can remember we bloated ourselves then and consumed 2 orders of their famous mechado. T’was the best one I’ve tasted except that I still remember the mechado of my aunt Tasing – papa’s eldest sister. It was very famous in our clan. My papas brood are all good in the kitchen, most of them has something to be proud of – papa for one is famous for his morcon… My all time favorite.
It’s Christmas!
In the Philippines, when a place is being built, it is lined with a church, a municipal hall, public market, a street long of food and if there’s more space, a commercial place will be intended for supermarkets, stalls and a movie house. It is still being practiced nowadays after hundreds of years only that a specific trend has been carried on for almost a decade now.
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The CBD that they call (Central business district) started in Makati. Makati was known to have everything that you will need. It is compared to a gold that shines bright especially to those in the provinces. It flourished on its own. The once field of wild grass became the center of business in the Philippines. This is why it is called “Makati”. It meant itchy in the English word. I witnessed its’ evolution as a place to visit during weekends. Top corporations, Private offices, Law firms, Call centers, Embassies, Consuls, Signature shops, etc.
Then, BGC made it better. This time with a twist. And a huge lift. They went back to the basics. Au naturel (All natural), being “green”, even hi-rise buildings had to pass certain policies (strict policies) for them to be able to put up business in BGC. Others followed. There’s Arca south in Bicutan, Vertis north in Quezon City, etc. Parts of the south wouldn’t wanna be left out there’s South park in Alabang, Southwoods City in Binan, Nuvali and Paseo in Sta. Rosa, Vista City in Cavite, I must assume this will go all the way to the provinces of VISMIN (Visayas & Mindanao). I sensed it is the direction.
Just like hundreds of years ago. when a place is built, it is complete with all the necessities specifically food! I hold great admiration to the endless list of restaurants  which I wanna try (had to lessen consumption of coffee that’s more expensive than my fuel) for me to be able to try if not all some of those in 5 stars.
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Filipinos are truly foodies. Cafe Juanita came up with several branches now and the newest is the one in Molito, Alabang. Let’s take a look at their branch in Kapitolyo…
Kapitolyo branch..
Dining area…Ground floor…
Some stuff on their walls!
I think when I said that it’s a resto with a soul. There’s no need for me to elaborate. The photos says it all.
Semi-precious stones…
Buddha hear my prayers please!
It’s a shame for a blogger like me not to be able to share the grandeur of the place and the food that they serve… Being in TIME magazine, I could imagine the fulfillment of whoever conceptualized the interiors of Cafe Juanita.
They’re world renowned.
It is literally eclectic.
Lots of red…
Eclectic – deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
If I may say – it’s so me. The gypsy in me. Cluttered and orderly. I was a gypsy remember? =) It’s interiors are pleasures that pleased me no matter what.
One of my favorite subject-stairs!
Each detail, each color, each shape mesmerized me.
They have a lot actually!
I’m grateful to my soul sis for making me discover such a dining place with a soul. Absolute gratefulness of witnessing a place that has a lot of stories to tell. What else can i ask for? Bon Appetit! (–,)
I shall post their offerings soon!