LIGHTHOUSES – beacons of hope!


This is the 7th lighthouse that I saw in my own eyes.

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Every time I see a lighthouse. I am mesmerized. There is something in them that makes me wonder and prompts me to wander and dare myself to new discoveries and experience as many towers I can.

The first time I saw one, right in front of me, is in Ilocos Sur:


With my soul buddy…<3

I fell in love with it instantly. I wanted to embrace the whole concrete stone post if I physically can. Seeing it right in front of me, made me speechless in awe. My heart, soaring! It’s like a potion poured all over me, intoxicating my heart and my mind. Even my soul I guess. I am mired with questions like what’s it all about lighthouses that I am so fascinated by them? It was a relief to have found out that I am not the only one crazy about Lighthouses!

I reached this point of thinking that it has something to do with who I was in my past life. I wanted to do regression soon. I am extending my apologies to my uncle priest (just in case this blog will reach him), as past lives isn’t part of our Catholic faith’s orientation.

I have been seeing myself being in a place where a lighthouse is standing tall. Mighty and proud. Like a man waiting for me ready to engulf me in his strong arms. For several ocassion, I kept seeing a very beautiful woman in my dreams with her black waist-length hair softly flowing behind her, she’s in a long burgundy gown with black and gold trimmings, I see her going up in a spiral staircase with its bricked walls and bronze lamps in every turn, one of her hand holding a flame lit torch and the other holding up her long silk ruffled skirt maybe to keep herself from tripping off while climbing up.

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Ah, I ain’t dreaming of fairy tales in a deep slumber, she’s no Rapunzel, her hair as I remember isn’t gold. And upon reaching the top. She patiently waits on the windowsill as if anytime a man will wave at her and lovingly call out her name and she will run fast as she could towards his direction and welcome him with open arms. Is it me? I do not know. What I only know now is my-addiction-with seeing one at every opportunity.

The desire gets stronger after each encounter. I even noticed in my past scrapbooks, and pictures of lighthouses is a common thing

I must admit, fascinations like this is telling us (me) something. That is what I wanted to dig up. Like a universal feeling of self-discovery, It’ll somehow help me to know myself more. I have seen 7 all in all and apparently I intend to keep on counting. There are more than 50 in my country alone.


cape san.jpg


Capones Lighthouse...
Capones Lighthouse…


Basco, Batanes… It’s raining..


Mahatao Lighthouse, Batanes… Still raining…
Huge pebble stones…

Not until I felt the contentment and bravely I will say: “I’ve seen enough. I can rest now.” If such can answer my questions, I also do not know. It’s as if in one of them? I will find the answer to my questions. Or getting deeper, I will find out who was my man from another lifetime. Who I was? What was I am capable of doing? And I guess the answers will lead me inside the arms of the man I will call mine in this lifetime.

Huge possibility that it will give me peace. Writing this in my work area, with only the sound of my keyboard accompanying me, a dog whimpering from time to time under my chair, a cat in quiet slumber on the couch behind me and the sound of silence (its half past 2:00 am) I just can’t help but smile and dream while still awake of my next encounter or where would it be… (–,)

In my dreams, I listed these:

Cape hatteras
Cape Hatteras
I have to research on this..
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lindau lighthouse germany
Lindau lighthouse in Germany is the prettiest in my eyes…
off the beaten track
And this in my own country..Capul lighthouse in Samar..
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Symbols that makes my heart skip a beat. =)

lighthouse 3
While malling, I spotted this..
lighthouse 1
Soul sis gave me this notebook! And I so ❤ it!
lighthouse 2
During grocery, I saw this. And it was funny that I got a friend from Faro.. =)


lh 2
Gift from Jen.
lh 1
This one too but my dog tattered it. ehehe

And two more in Pangasinan, one in Cagayan as recommended by my soul sis and Guisi from Iloilo. Whew! There’s a lot! ❤

Just last year, I was able to visit “Cape Bolinao” – the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines.

bol 4
My heart skip a beat seeing it. =)
pang lh
The lighthouse of Alaminos, Pangasinan

I do not intend to complete all the light houses in my country, I have 5 more remaining in my bucket list. =) Any suggestions? =)



Capones Lighthouse, Capones Island – Zambales

CAPONES Lighthouse…

The minutes ticking from the time I hopped on this medium boat and when the boatman pulled something for the engine to start, the islets and islands we passed by getting my attention for the mean time,the soft sound of waves felt endless. I can’t wait to see Capones light house.

cap 1
So near and yet so far..

I pictured myself here.

Picture perfect!

Exactly where I’m standing and calculating the exact size of that lighthouse that seems to be looking at my direction, standing mighty proud, sweetened by age, hundred of years have passed, beyond the images of wear and tear….

cap 20
Mighty and proud…

I felt the wind brushing off my hair, my skin. The same wind that touches its whole being. And now I’m here. Right where I wanted to be.

cap 8
The stairs I see from different blogs about Capones lighthouse…

Capones lighthouse. How are you? I’m losing my breath I can’t wait to be near you. Pointblank.

cap 19
Stones on the shore..
cap 17
Came in all sizes..
cap 16
Shoreline of this island is the most unusual..
cap 15
No tourist guide to answer what is this for or what the history says about this tunnel..I need to do research on this…=)
cap 14
Stairways to heaven…

And now I’m here. Capones lighthouse is I guess one of those that is mostly heard of at least by me. And I just want to pinch myself a little that I am already a few inches away fr this old tower.

cap 12
Some trees..
cap 11
I’m almost there..
cap 10
Another capturing my attention..

My 5th lighthouse.

cap 9
A few meters away…

I am full now.

cap 7
This is it! Whew!

So much with contentment for the time being.

cap 6
Me and Capones..

With happiness for as long as I can recall Capones.

cap 5
It is so beautiful!
I like this shot..
Look out!
Zambales – 2014

though I know I am eyeing another one after this.I’ll just savor the moment. Allow me to taste the feel of it. It’s like finding something that you’ve been looking for the whole time. It felt good. Period.

The old feel is there.

cap 2
cap 3
Old bricks…
cap 4
Too steep..
Borrowed from Jen..
Loved the feeling to be on top!
We don’t wanna go down but the others might wait for us again..
One of my favorite shots…Thank you Jen!
Thank you Jen!

I guess my photos speaks that I literally can’t gt enough of it. Just like I did on d others.thanks to Jen. No need to buy films just to suffice my hunger to pictures. Cameras nowadays can give you thousands as long as u want run out battery and memory. Sadly, we ran out of it, there was no electricity on all the islands of Zambales.

Capones lighthouse…

So long. I have met Capones lighthouse finally. Til my next encounter.