Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban

Kamay ni Hesus Shrine

“If one has faith, one has everything.” ~Ramakrishna~

I have taken this adage by heart. Source: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/faith-quotes/

Lucban is not just popular for the Pahiyas festival. I was also introduced to “Kamay ni Hesus shrine” where thousands of believers visit, it is a 5-hectare property which you can sight the following:

Luklukan ni Maria,

Noah’s Ark,

Resurrected Christ,

Gallery of Saints,

Garden of Eden,

The Angels Hill,

The Marian Park

and the religious Murals.

A priest named Fr. Joey Faller put this up through donations from here and abroad.

On the side, I also encountered the Lucban longganiza and pancit habhab. These two are what Lucban is famous for.

I “must” have a photo of the signages. #obssesivecompulsive
church 1
That’s what I’m gonna climb.
I can. And I will.

They also boast the beauty of Mt. Banahaw, a favorite of climbers, but not my cup of tea while I still hold admiration to those trekkers and mountaineers who would not mind the difficulty of conquering heights with those heavy and huge backpacks behind them.

Though I did just a little to be able to touch the base of “Kamay ni Hesus” shrine, it took us more than 300 steps to get there, and it was a good experience and a test of endurance as well. I now understand the unexplainable feeling of climbers when they already reached their goal however high it is. There is the “high”.. =) It was visceral.

A replica of the famous Pieta.
Readying myself to climb, we stopped by the “Noah’s arc”..
kamay ni hesus 1
Almost evening, I saw the moon…

It has drawn huge crowd of tourists (local and foreign), media, photoholics, and all kinds of people from all walks of life. We even encountered a vendor who came from Canlalay and its just a town away from my hometown. It was happy and fun…=)

I knew that some of the devotees are a bit overwhelmed, thanks to the stations equipped with benches where people can rest for a while.

There’s a grotto too..
Almost there..

It is very timely this Lenten Season that I reminisce back those days when I am religiously practicing my Faith. I remember that as a teenager, me and my choir mates would literally visit 13 churches to commemorate the 13 stations showing us the sufferings of Christ, as written that it is the only way to save mankind.  This sacrifice until now, is something that is very deep for me, coming from God our Father. With my bleak understanding, it was with a hope that mankind will not only acknowledge that kind of sacrifice, but to live by it, for it’s purpose.

50 feet tall statue of Christ..
fr the back
Captured it in all angles..

Years back, my son’s father and I for some years, dedicated our time in doing the “Visita Iglesia” too. It was at that time when we eyed a church on a hill top in our hometown and planned to get married on that same church. Even if it didn’t meet my future husband’s must-have requirements for our wedding, I just knew I was wishing to have our vows on that particular church.

However, according to the Parish priest, we are supposed to get married at the Parish where we’re residing. It was a beautiful church. You will instantly feel the solemnity as it is standing on a hill, overlooking the vast lowlands of our hometown.

birds eye view
Source: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/684336/priest-says-3m-people-drawn-to-shrine

As years passed, it is only during Lent (the Holy week per se), when I have the time to have my own definition of “peace”.  When everyone else got their tan lines after Easter, my skin is still in even tone. Like the “homebody” side of me at its’ strongest. There is a kind of pleasure, the simplest of its’ kind when you’re at home.

May the message of this season be in our hearts not only on these days, but the whole year through..

Happy Easter everyone! =)

Appreciating my surroundings.. #newbud

Kamay ni Hesus Shrine & Healing Center is located at:
Brgy. Tinamnan, Lucban Quezon
Telephone: (042) 540 2206
Email: info@lucbankamaynihesus.com



South – bound road trip…

South – bound road trip…

“A friend loves at all times.”
~proverbs: 17:17~

The youngest in our group celebrated her birthday last November 10.

bday girl 2
Jhona! ❤ ❤ ❤

As a tradition, we have to treat the celebrant to a place of her choice. Rachel, celebrated at Yakimix (Alabang town center), Essie at Bellevue Hotel (Alabang), we did mine at Romulo cafe (Azumi Hotel – Alabang), Anabelle had hers at Torch (Greenbelt, Makati)  and we did Theresa’s at Balai Indang (Cavite). In all fairness, on top of the planning stage, trying to fit in with everyone’s schedules, Jhonna – our youngest, opted for the nearest restaurant when she was the one who’s eager to go farther due to everyone’s hectic schedules come November. Since we all wanted her to be happy, we suggested to go south-bound, without any specific destination. It’s gonna be a “Road trip” literally. Jhona calls it “vroom vroom!”

We ended up being the one who’s happy because she surprised us by bringing us to Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

padre pio




She also brought us to this old church – St. Bartolomew. 

Built at 1938..

And the underground cemetery both of which are located in Nagcarlan.

underground cem


And her last-minute request was to have lunch at “Sulyap Gallery cafe”.

My second peek at “Sulyap”..=)


Knowing the place, I had this feeling that they will surely have fun times as I did when I first saw it. They specifically loved the Kulao (banana blossoms in coconut milk), the Pako salad and the Pancit habhab. It was a satisfying spread for us topping it with crepe and turon ala mode.

bday girl
Birthday girl!
The spread!

with bomber pa din



my sissya

spread 2

food spread
Happy birthday Jhona!

“Turon” in the Philippines is a dessert which resembles banana fritters in other countries.

Ube flavor! =)
Time for dessert! =)

I think the crepe juxtapose that “All Filipino” dishes we feasted on. We didn’t mind, we needed something sweet after that “I need to adjust my belt” lunch that we’ve had.

We went to the Museum too!

with the batchaas





hvn fun at the



We went to the Orchard too!

jho sulyap
Jhona’s peek!

may bomber


rambo 1
Courtesy of: http://organicpilinuts.com/rambutan-fruit-health-benefits-videos/
Photo courtesy of: http://top10philippines.blogspot.com/2009/07/top-10-tropical-fruits-in-philippines.html


behind sulyap

I must say it was she who made us happy, but knowing her, I’m pretty sure she was happy too because she made (us) her sisters happy.

We even bought “Buko pie” when we passed by Los Banos, Laguna.

This friendship had endured all kinds of weather. And I think, no storm can break it apart anymore. However grouchy anyone can get, at the end of the day, looking at each others’ faces.

These are the faces we’ve been with for the last 28 years. The faces of friends in every sense of the word. And with these faces comes the
gratefulness and realization, that we’re here to stay. It was a bond which eventually became our realm.

christmas at sulyap
Christmas decors at Sulyap are of indigenous materials..
Had fun indeed!

Our next destination? Bulacan! We’re visiting Ana’s mansion. We’re
celebrating our Christmas party and Thanksgiving for this beautiful year that was!

Hello 2016!

Hunting for a new pizza at PIZZA HUT!

Hunting for new pizzas at Pizza hut

“Happiness is pizzas with lots of cheese!”

During my teenage years. Pizza hut among other pizza parlors in the country holds a strong footing in its’ category.

And through the years, Pizza hut was a regular companion when it comes to gratifying our cravings for these specially-made doughs from Italy.

Blue lights..
new interiors
Cove lightings created drama. I think they renovated for a couple times already..

Last night, after doing regular routines to get our supplies from a nearby supermarket, our empty stomachs lead us to Pizza hut.

Cha and nanny!

True enough, they have evolved. Since another pizza parlor (which happens to be their loftiest rival) offers thin crust pizza, they now have it too. Or probably been years since we don’t normally visit their place, we just call and request for home-deliveries. So I wouldn’t know.

They also have “Hut Patatas“, the famous mojo potatoes which is always trending in big ways and one of the reasons why the other pizza parlor is famous for and a lot of new items we discovered in their menu.

Their version of Mojos.

Mojos potatoes or potato wedges being a type of “hors d’oeuvre” originated from some regions of the United States.


While in the Canary Islands, it is a kind of sauce.


So we tried all those new items except for the green salads in shrimps and mangoes.

chken salad
Greens with chix.
shrimp salad
With shrimps.

Take a look:

We had 2 different pizzas both in new variants. We got or should I say I personally choose this one with sausages on it assuming it is more like of pepperonis.

sausage pizza
With sausages..

And the one displayed on their table as a Christmas offering. The “Holiday cheesy bites”.

holiday bites
Cheesy bites..

It is stacked with several toppings like bell peppers, chunks of pineapples, some meats plus mozzarella filled bite-sized rolls on the side. We didn’t want the mayo like flavor. It is actually a garlic dip according to the attendant. Though, honestly, it didn’t fit in all the rest of the flavors. It is mismatched. And this is just our opinion. Some might like it. It’s different tastes for different folks right?

1 vote out of four..

We also had their “Spicy Asian”. The hand-tossed wings in Hickory BBQ sauce.


A favorite of father and son alongside Buffalo wings. It should be spicy for these two men.

tatty and kulet
Father and son!

And I had the cheezy thins too. It’s their own version of the recently loved “Four cheeses”. The most-liked options by far. By all four of us. =)

four cheese
Gone in seconds! lol!

Specializing in so much more than pizzas itself, just continuing the tradition with a massive selection is now at hand only that not everything is available. My hubby and son favored the “Crab salad roll” however it is not available.

crab rolls

Photo courtesy of:

I also ordered for an ala carte of their paella for my mom, but then, it’s not available too.

For the drinks, my adoptive daughter took their blue pinacolada and the rest of us had their bottomless Pepsi. I missed this drink, it is often Coca-cola in most restaurants. =)

For Cha!

Despite of what’s missing in their menus, it was still worth visiting Pizza hut. It has always been a gastronomic treat having pizzas. And the best part of it is having them with people close to your heart – your family. =)

SINANGAG REPUBLIC Resto-bar & grill – San Pedro, Laguna

Sinangag Republic – dine without the wine…

logo sr
Sinangag republic…

One afternoon, out of the blue, the three of us craved for Sinangag, and the nearest we can get these is where else but at Sinangag Republic.

sinangag rep

sr 2
Rendezvous for bar hoppers..
sr 1
Day time..

The place is popular with drinkers, from work, people usually flock this place especially on a Friday or weekends. We went on a weekday so we were able to get a table right away, if not, we have to wait to be sitted.

My hometown, San Pedro in Laguna is packed with hole in the walls food venues. With this specific craving, my husband can only think of one and brought us here. A less than 30 minute drive away from home. He had frequented the place for years now.

It’s easy to locate, it is in that street-long queue of restaurants before exiting Southwoods City in Carmona, Cavite.

When you’re on a diet, you might want to set it aside first. =)

Giving in to our cravings, we got these:

Ordering something that you really like and not just trying out something new can be sort of a pleasure specially if it’s one of your favorites. Readily available. No need for you to prepare the ingredients and feel the heat in front of the stove, and not to forget cleaning up the dishes. Voila!

It is not tough on the budget too.. =)

We had appetizers first, and we all agreed to have Nachos! It’s funny though since you can no longer see the nachos due to its’ tremendous amount of all the toppings that you’re expecting. Thinly sliced cabbage, ground beef, fresh tomatoes, and cheese!

Good for 4 pax..

We had cheese sticks too. Sorry, forgot to take a picture.

After which I ordered for beef tapa. In all fairness, I am often anxious to get beef in all kinds. As I experienced getting the not so tender, chewy gum like slices or chunks of beef, and from where I need not mention. While this one, is cooked enough and my gums won’t get numb munching it.

beef steak
My beef steak..=)

My son and his dad had these:

I tried it and was tender too.. It’s best with vinegar..
Calamares or squid rings for tatty.. I tried it too and it’s delish! (short for delicious!) lol!

While we’re waiting for our orders. I was able to capture all corners which honestly I enjoyed a lot.




According to tatty, his friend (one of the owners) told him that these knick knacks all came from their travels.


papas lamp

I love dream catchers, I have one dangling in my bedroom door.. A violet one.. (of course)…

My only issue is that the place is kinda dim and I had a hard time making out the menu even if I’m still on 20/20 vision.

mag ama sinangag
Isn’t a little too dark..

Father and son both laugh and told me in duet, “Nanny, this is a resto-bar owkie!!!” Okay, fine!

Anyway, behind my head, finding out that a friend owns this place, I was visualizing my own cafe to be something like this and recalling Cafe Juanita in Kapitolyo. Boho shabby chic would be my theme. Day-dreaming it is and I just came back to reality upon smelling the scent of our orders.

dad and son

It took us less than 30 minutes to have happy tummies!Burp! =)
Sinangag Republic is located at:
Rosario Avenue, Rosario Complex,
San Pedro, Laguna

Mobile number:

Their Facebook page:

MAESTRO FEDELI Cafe… One good find…

Maestro Fedeli Cafe… One good find…

“We were born to be real, not to be perfect.”

There are moments when you do not know where to go to because you’re trying real hard to escape from the realities of life.

And there are moments when someone will bring you to that place for you to temporarily forget and leave what we do  not appreciate that much that is all there in this so called thing “reality”.

Thanks to the father of my son who sometimes understands where I’m coming from and will do things to make me happy without asking anything in return.

Originally, he boasted of this “tapahan” (steak house) near our place. He called it “To die for”. So we went there. But as I gazed around the other establishments within the neighboring streets, just across the street, is an inviting cozy cafe.

maestro fedeli cafe
Maestro Fedeli cafe..

So instead of having “tapas” (steaks). We had coffee and some pastries. There are a few tiramisus, no not the cake, the “pick me – up” ready to eat prepared pasta of some sort, with chicken on it, and since I’m under medication for my allergies to chicken, that one is taken out from the list, and then, pesto. Personally, I’m a red sauce lover. So we ended up having just pastries and coffee.

available from the chiller
Pick me ups from the chiller..

The theme, is a country-side like feel, the usual trend in the Philippines of creating a homey interior, with knick knacks here and there, inspirational quotes that will at times create an impact on your life, some calligraphys, some funny quotes, and souvenir items too.

hv a coffee
Grab a cup!

framed pastas

frame coffes

framed coffes and pasta

Framed menus is a good idea too. It’s very appealing. =) And honestly, the majority liked the vibes. Some would make it rustic, some shabby chic, some eclectic. I think this one falls under the third one – eclectic. Mix and match of modern and vintage items that fits together.

wall clock

another counter


orange wall




What we’ve had is of course, coffee. We got the caramel flavor and frap.

maestro fedeli
Personalized mugs..

And I had a classic white chocolate cookie, cookies and cream flavor and surprisingly chewy.

Cookies and cream chip..

We also had their best seller, red velvet cookie sandwich or better known as “chipwhich”. Which is soft and chewy too.

red velvet sandwich

red velvet

Honestly, I like their pastries. Old school cookies, in common flavors that are usually ordered by so many and yet, they made it stand-out and very different from the other usual cookies around by the uniqueness of their version.

menu board



make friends

The place had been standing there for almost 2 years, and it was a good thing that we spotted it.

chalk board
They’re on FB and IG too..=)

We are bringing my son and our adopted daughter (my son’s BFF who is a coffeeholic too) on our second visit. It was such a good find! Just a 15 minute ride from home. =)

Maestro Fedeli Cafe is located at:

7th Street, Pacita Avenue, Pacita Complex 1, San Pedro, Laguna. And can be contacted at: 887-1933.