Let’s try TENYA

Let’s try TENYA

“Enjoy! Life is Delicious!”

To eat is an activity that we Filipinos are fond of. We dine to bond, to chat, to be relaxed, to cherish moments and look forward to the next “eating out” together.

As diversed as we are, we are adventurous and fearless to try new things, we appreciate different cultures and cuisines. One of ours is Japanese food along with the rest of the world’s offerings.

Jen and I’s favorite are Italian and Japanese food, of course we love our own Filipino dishes too. Jen recently fostered a penchant for Korean dishes which I couldn’t support since I am not into too spicy food. =)


When Festival Mall did an expansion last year, Tenya is one of those exciting restaurants which occupied the expansion wing – The Water Garden. Strategically located at the entrance and just a short walk from Civic drive, Alabang.


They’re in Indonesia and Thailand too. And more than 200 branches in Japan.

We opted to try it out usually due to our cravings. We’re in sync this time, usually, we craved differently so we had to decide whose wish will be granted. =)

Tenya’s interiors maintained the image of a typical Japanese restaurant with lanterns bearing some significant characters, always eye-catching you can’t help but look-up.


That Zen feel (less is more), the unique atmosphere, minimalist approach and often uses neutral color scheme and natural woods with touches of bright colors like red, yellow or green.




The wall calligraphy added the space a modern bibe and cascades commitment.



Tenya’s offering boast its’ expertise in tendon. Mr. Yoshio Iwashita, opened a restaurant way back 1989 which provides a more affordable offering since tendon are expensive, and so the menu says. =)


Tendon, also known as donburi (a bowl of rice with toppings),usually a complete meal, with everything on it, shrimp tempura, fish, vegetables,
squid, or any meat will do, topped on a steamed rice that comes with a special dontare sauce.

So I got the one with a poster outside. The Ultimate crab tendon teishoku. It comes with a special “aligue” (crab fats) sauce.



Jen had the Jo tempura soba/ udon teishoku.


Mine is with a miso soup while Jen’s Udon came with 2 Black tiger prawns, kani stick, green beans, sweet potato and eggplant tempura.

For sharing, we also tried their rendition of California maki.

That dressing tasted like Kewpie…=) While their batter is so tasty.

We truly enjoyed mixing our own sauces. Their claim that theirs are the freshest is very distinct. The servings are just good enough, and the taste just met our expectations. We weren’t disappointed at all.

Due to the season, they just had a hard time attending to requests per table as swiftly as they can. As they only have 2 attendants when we came. There were times when people from production area are the ones serving our orders. Even the Security Officer is extending a hand already. Probably due to lack of personnel.

If I can also suggest, using pitchers with cover that might fall off is also not recommendable. It might spell trouble.

Over-all, we’re still wanting to come back here. =)

And it’s good to know that they are in the following locations:


Itadakimasu! (spoken with a silent “u”!) =)

My Chopsticks Collection…

My Chopsticks Collection…

I am a Filipina. My mom has Spanish blood while my papa hailed from his Chinese ancestors. This is why I wonder why I have this undying fascination for chopsticks.

I have a high regard to the Japanese. I admire their simple and chic manner of designing their homes. The crisp cleanliness of interiors to inhabit in a daily basis. I kept wondering if they really maintain the cleanliness in actual daily living. I love their gardens too. So serene it brings me closer to God. Truly relaxes my senses. And its’ lush and green energizes me. I see them living in beauty. Such admiration I hold since I was a kid.

Part of which is collecting chopsticks. I have all the kinds:

Keero Keeropee

My highschool friend came from Hongkong when we were in highschool and she gave me this! =) This is even older than my son!

My favorite color

Violet! ❤

Made of plastic

This one is a gift from my sister-in-law! ❤




I have lots of red!




With a case

This one I bought from Singapore..
I especially like this because of its’ paua shells ornaments..


Stainless Steel

This one is made of stainless steel and came with a deep purple container, it was given to me by my papa..


I learned to appreciate their food since college since one of our professor used to bring us to this Japanese restaurant a few blocks away from our school. I remember the warmth hospitality shown by the attendants wearing Kimonos.

Reading from Memoirs of a Geisha, it taught me that the designs of those has a story to tell whether it is floral or birds or water or cherry blossoms it has its own interpretation and are dependent on the season.

My cousin recently came from Japan and surprised me with a whole set of authentic chopsticks.

Keeping them with my collection as newest members of the family, and made me realized I had a lot except for something like this which I think is something I could no longer afford.

Courtesy of: http://www.fashionphile.com/louis-vuitton-rosewood-monogram-chopsticks-vip-w-case-new-35940

Though my set of collections gives me this happiness as I have gained them through the years, some are gifts, some are bought by me whichever way, I love lookin’ at them and I think I am close enough to do this:

I saw these a few years ago and decided to make my DIY. Though at that time my chopsticks aren’t enough to complete the circle. Now I need a few more (well maybe even more) ahaha!, to be able to do it.

Will I be able to complete this? =)

I guess I have to visit flea stores more often and find some items to complete them. Little did I know that eating with chopstick has an art in it too. And even interpretations. I learned that placing them pointed on the rice bowl is a no no as it means death to the Japanese so since then I try my best to avoid doing it.

T’was also nice to know that here in the Philippines- there are endless Japanese restaurants to choose from. The one in Buendia is Kamameshi. There’s an authentic one somewhere in which my former boss introduced to me. Unlike restaurants that are designed by professionals, their place is just like an old Japanese house. Here are some in our country:

1. SUGI is in the old Greenbelt where I grew up

2. JOHN & YOKO a new take located in Makati and Alabang (I especially like the violet fabrics of the chairs)

3. TERIYAKI BOY is an affordable take when it comes to Japanese cravings

4. SAISAKI the one in Pasay road was an old time favorite

5. AKIRA at Shangri-la mall

6. RED KIMONO in Alabang

7. KIMPURA in front of Landmark, Makati is still standing strong after more than 20 years

8. TEMPURA HAUS in Tacloban

9. ONKEI  in Greenbelt 3

10. FUKUYA in Festival mall (the nearest one for me)

11. SUMOSAM in Shangri-la mall

12.  TATAMI in Serendra

13. KAMAMESHI which we frequent during college

14. IZAKAYA YUCHAN which is a few minutes away from home

And the list goes on and on. =)

Sooner or later I will be able to have my own framed chopstick collection! Can’t wait! Yey! ❤ (–,)