Anawangin Cove – Zambales

Anawangin Cove – Zambales

Anawangin is that island in Zambales where there are only 4 kinds of trees that alternates with each other.

Pines, umbrellas,  palms and one I could not identify. Pines out-numbered the rest of them. This is why Anawangin is unique from the other islands.

zambales 1
Thanks to #instamag personalizing my photos =)
zambales 2
In vivid colors..
zambales 3
I want to ask the boatman to stop to check this little cave..but we’ve got other company..
zambales 4
Just like a great actor leading a sure is.
zambales 5
sanda 1
It was difficult to take photos when the sailing is rough…
Almost there…
We’re about to anchor..

We’re not supposed to stay longer than 30 minutes in this island. We stop over not only because it is included in the package that my friend had taken advantage of. But because the natives are also proud to showcase one island after another. The people are very welcoming and I noticed that each time there’s a boat approaching the island their necks are extended and were smiling and they were waving their hands and you can feel in the air that upon plight you are a guest to them.

Trees are my bestfriends! ❤
My color gives me life all the time…
So beautiful…
I love trees!
Hi sun..
Love this!
Gettin energies from the trees…

I saw tourists having their photos taken standing behind each tree. Usually in group. I’ve taken mine of these as I was walking. With all conviction I told my friend that you can get your energies recharged by touching them.

My favorite pose..
Hello Anawangin! =)

I showed her how I touched one’s trunk with the palm of my hand. And it’s either the tree will absorb all that is negative within me or it is me who will absorb all the positive trees from the tree. And she looked like its’ as if I can read her mind feeling strange or thinking I might be gone crazy.

I consumed the 30 minutes all wrapped-up despite of my friend’s constant reminder. For all I know, they’re not leaving without us anyway. We were running and doubled our speed when we found out that the whole group were already on the boat and were just waiting for the 2 of us. Their eyes focused as if they’ve been there for the longest time, when I waved my head and pleaded and yelled “Sorry”, they all smiled in sync. =)

I also bought a souvenir from a very persistent man convincing me that his rainmaker is a “24 carat”. It is made of bamboo with tiny puca shells inside and littlest sands perhaps which created that very soothing sound. I bought it for those times I need destressing. And secretly wishing that if I play with it, the rain would literally fall instantly.

The length isn’t that handy for someone who’s just about to hop on 3 more islands with bags and luggage and gadgets and I don’t mind. I’ve been wanting to buy one ever since I saw it from my boss’ garden some years ago.

I saw one from Davao and in Intramuros and they’re so expensive. This one I got for more than a hundred pesos only that comes with a grateful smile from that corteous vendor. I think it is worth every centavo. He even wished us to enjoy the day and surely we did.

Anawangin Cove… (double n?)ehehe

Try toe-dipping soon in Zambales. It’s going to be a memorable one. =)

Sailing on the islands of Zambales…

When the boat started it’s trail to our island destination. There was a bout between the sound of the engine roar lulling me to sleep. And the beauty that surrounds me.

sands 6
I’m falling in love with the turquoise and aqua and coral blues!

The turquoise bluish sea, which makes me wonder what lies beneath.

Can I jump?

That in my wild imaginings, if not for the other members of our group or if we have the boat all on our own, I have this wild imaginings of jumping on the water and feel the ocean floor with my bare feet, I imagine myself walloping back, struggling for my breath to surface myself out of the water. And while during my ascend,   my eyes would revel all that I can under. I am also pretty sure the boat man will assist me if my jumping to the water will come to them as a surprise. =)

The least I could do is dip and squish my feet on the water while the boat is running. Though the wondering as to how deep it is, remains a mystery to me. Not even the boat men who had spent all their lives in the sea could not fathom as well nor give me the nearest equation.

sands 2
It felt great. and soon the others are already doing it..

The waves are enticing too, the way they shine, like crystals, almost like diamonds, when the sun starts kissing them while they prance with the wind.

Shining, shimmering, splendid…

The parallel view of the pines, the pinkish tone of bonggavillas and the lush extending to the foot of the ocean shore.

The seemingly endless mountain ranges that sits quietly looking at us from a distance, almost touching the cotton-like skies in white and blue.

Mountain ranges..

The rock formations that looks the same for some, while I see them unique from each other. My soul sis exposed me to it’s grandiose and beauty and had an appreciation of it years ago. Each formation is like welcoming us to stop over and grasp its’ allure.

Stunning rock formations..
Can’t get enough of them during our sailing…
Unique in their own ways..

Witnessing all these, without a wink, I chose the latter. For it reminds me a kind of peace from within. They reminded me of God.