Duck & Buvette… An authentic French Saveur…

Duck & Buvette.. An authentic French Saveur…

fat girl
Is she the Chef? =)

I was a bit skeptical stopping by at Duck & Buvette. Besides, I was eyeing to stop by one of those ritzier restaurants on the other wing of Shangri-la mall.

But the aroma of brewed coffee enticed me and I sit pronto at the nearest available seats instead.

The attendants with their invariable smiles, are keen enough in bringing you their menu.

Drinks and main..

I requested for the cold brew iced coffee while simultaneously scrutinizing info bits about their coffee. Which brought me to that vitrine.

my coffee
My iced coffee..


glass display

I got that easy apple cake with lots of walnuts. I’m pretty sure it matches my cafe latte.

walnut pie
Walnut and apple cake…

The profile of their coffee is strong for me but it has a unique gusto, something I haven’t encounter for a long time. Still, I requested for a simple syrup to trim the robust in every sip.

Syrup please..=)

And I found a non-chicken dish that suits me: 8 hour Angus briskets. The description is that it’s a slow roasted “melt in your mouth” black Angus beef served with roast garlic rice and roasted mushroom sauce.

Literally melts in your mouth..




I thought of something for my mom and my son, a sourdough pizza topped with fennel sausage and crispy pepperoni.

An all-time favorite..

It was indeed an artisanal pizza.

In my humble opinion, I got qualms because a few guests were present when I came. They looked like aristocrats all the while attendants are taking turns pouring wine in their Bordeaux glass.

I chose al fresco, but the inside is more intimate I guess..

I am grateful they have coffee since I am not a wine drinker. Be it red or white, I’d still prefer having coffee or smoothies of fresh fruits.

Their coffee by the way is from Intelligentsia. That it originated from Chicago. And that Intelligentsia coffee per my research and curious questions, is one of the biggest coffee roasting company that represents the “third wave coffee”. They are from better (best) produce and are curated in a special and distinct process which makes it an artisanal delight. Oh, I can now taste (and smell) the difference. =)

I can’t help but confirm from them that If I remember it right, something else is here years ago, and they happily told me that this is formerly Cafe Provencal, same owner, same staff, everything same, only better, I told him that it was good and that it is rightfully necessary to innovate. Always. That we can never allow ourselves to be stagnant for a looong time. It’s just cool to reinvent from time to time.

I think I’m bringing my friends here. =) And I know what to get as well on my next visit. =)

It is located at the 2nd floor of Shangri-la Plaza’s main wing (just across the elevators), EDSA Corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, 1550. You can make reservations too. Just give them a call at: 631 0675.

Le Petit Chéri – Molito Alabang

As the French said: “Bon Apetit!”

Le Petit Cheri… “The little darling…”

Long before guests flocked to this new French restaurant that I recently discovered with my in-laws a few weeks ago, which is located in Molito, Alabang.

ala 2
Molito, Alabang

I have always been in this area since my high school days and it had been my rendezvous from then on. It was the nearest mall at that time, and being an only child, I happen into that generation when parents are still strict and going far from home is a no no to them. Alabang, as a teenager, became my heaven on earth. Everything that I need is there.

Just recently, one whole block that used to be vacant for years is now a block with restaurants of all kinds lining up. My friend commented that it is similar to Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. My take is, it’s the trend now. The Food & Beverage industry is giving us Filipinos, a wide array of choices as to where to drink and dine, as we are very much known to be Food lovers. As the movie said:

people who lovew to eat
“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

Courtesy of:

On first queue is Le Petit Cheri. It is a French restaurant offering breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack and dinner. They serve the usual French cuisine making Filipinos settle for a different taste from time to time. The line up on that block includes Japanese restaurants, Mexican, Chinese, Filipino/ Spanish (I saw Cafe Juanita – which pilot branch is in Pasig, though I like the one in Burgos circle, Bonifacio Global City), Booze bars,  and many others.

ala 21
Le Petit Cherie – Little darling…

I agreed with my friend, not only in Nuvali, I see the resemblance in many areas in Makati, Ortigas, Bonifacio Global City and even in Cagayan De Oro City. Yet, Alabang, aside from being close to my house, has been closer to my heart for years. It was like home to me. My comfort zone. Finding out about Molito gave me excitement like that of a child. At first glance, I knew then it’s going to be another home for me, when eating out is the theme.

Take a look inside:

ala 13
This miniature Eiffel tower will welcome you upon entry… This reminds me of my soul buddy who is now enjoying her time in France…
ala 12
Parisian bags…
ala 18
Another miniature of the famous tower…
ala 11
Chalk written menu boards.
ala 17
They even have pizzas…=)

Amidst my fascination like reading, writing, cooking, traveling, and blogging. I found myself still finding time to give in to another. Eating out. Indulge myself into one of my favorite pursuits.

ala 16
Blueberry and apple danish…
ala 15
Fresh milk anyone?

I sneaked to take photos of the interiors of their “toilette”.

ala 10
La toilette..
ala 6
Lighting created nice effects…
ala 5
Liquid soap and lotion in my favorite scent – lavender…
ala 8
Speaking of…
ala 3
My soul sis promised me to bring the real ones of this famous flower…
ala 4
ala 9
One of my favorite flowers…
ala 7
The Eiffel tower had always been the symbol of France… It is in their capital city… Paris. It was designed by Stephen Sauvestre…
ala 20
All photos depicting France…
ala 19
Eiffel tower, a sheep, 2 french girls, macaroons, etc.
ala 21
Their color is a happy color…
ala 22
They have healthy options too… =)

Molito, expect me repeatedly… =) As a food lover like most Filipinos, I noticed the trending flux in our country, restaurants loom here and there, each has a special offering, not only their food but the interiors, service and theme of their place as well. This affinity includes me in the list. Eating out especially with old friends and family is a way of life not only of me but of most Filipinos.

ala 1
The wonders of lighting…

Molito Commercial Center is located in Madrigal Avenue corner Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City

My newest rendezvous! =)


They invented the word “Molito” to paraphrase a small mall. Cute! Isn’t it?