NANA & Co.-Indulge sweetly

NANA & Co.

“Count the memories, not the calories.”

My son and his girlfriend just had our late snack from this burger joint at Molito Lifestyle Center. What we’ve consumed were so flavorful, not to mention, a little oily too, so we agreed to have some dessert somewhere else just to cap everything off.

We found “Nana & Co.” It is a dessert and sandwich bar. I wondered why I have overlooked this place, my friend told me that we usually passed by this restaurant but were always heading to Starbucks just fronting Nana & Co each time.

It is a cozy place, very quite, its’ high ceiling made an impact to create an eminent ambiance and their display shelves were the ones that will attract you to go inside. What awaits you is a very colorful and happy scene.

The walls are white and those flashes of happy colors matched the neutral colors of the chairs and table.


Their shelves are stocked-up, there were no empty space, so it is very inviting.

All the staff are smiling too when we came and one of them rushed to welcome and had us sitted. He even courteously asked if where do we want to be sitted.

Their products are neatly labeled and are very attractive, and there are stuff about baking all over the place.

It was pleasing to the eye especially if you’re a dessert lover.

I ordered for their pistachio sansrival. I usually asked what’s their best seller. It just so happen that it is what I ordered. Other items that sells best according to the attendant is the blueberry cheesecake. My son ordered for one.

I honestly loved the sansrival, not too sweet and there’s a generous amount of pistachio in all layers, I could have it in exchange with my all-time favorite blueberry cheesecake.

The blueberry cheesecake is the usual like how it should be.


I would have to try their home-made artisanal ice cream soon. Their flavors are very enticing.

Nana & Co is located at: Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

CATHERINE’s Cakes and Pies

Catherine’s Cakes and Pies

“Take your pleasure seriously.” ~Charles Eames~ 

Okay, reaching 40, I then came into a conclusion that my awareness has to go further even to how I feed myself. I noticed lines in my face, and remembered the years when they are not there yet.

I noticed sagging skin, my being weakling in some tasks that used to be very easy for me. How I love to walk years ago and I dread them now or maybe because I was in the wrong pair of shoes.

Nevertheless, I had to remind myself to be more conscious, simply because I am no longer in my twenty’s.

However, life is short and during occasion, I sometimes give in to my vices and indulge. =)

I am so excited to share with you how I discovered one of the best apple pie in my country as declared by as of 2014.
Courtesy of:

We had two different cakes come New Year’s Eve.

2 boxes
Both from Catherine’s!

While I listed down brands as to where I will get my New year’s eve desserts on top of my home-made salad, I finally decided to get it from Catherine’s. I saw them from Stalked their Facebook page and as impressive as they are in the photos. It is exactly how it is in real life. They are also very cooperative on-line. My queries were immediately answered which prompted me to choose them this year.

catherines apple pie
Courtesy of:
catherines 1
“Delish!” Courtesy of:

For these two different cakes. They were my dessert for almost three consecutive days after New year’s eve and honestly, I didn’t get tired eating them. I indulged in every sense of the word. And was emotional while eating like have them tried by my besties and that we will eat them together while sharing many stories.

And If I may describe the apple pie, believe me, the caramel sauce isn’t too sweet. You will catch some bits of walnuts in each bite and I’ve come to appreciate more the benefits of walnuts not only for my cravings but for my body as well. I forget to mention, I saw a lot of apples, and apples and apples. And the crust is so flaky, which tasted heavenly for me. It is really worth it. If you will find out how we were able to get them and went all the way to Sucat, Paranaque on Dec. 30 just to get them.

apple pie
Sweetly comes with personalized cards and pretty ribbons that I wouldn’t want to throw away. =)

While the blueberry cheesecake, you know how I love it, and if I can have it as often as I can, I will surely do.

my bb
Loved the cheese!

It is nice to know that they weren’t frugal in topping them with real berries. They even topped them with cheese which created a different but nicer taste for me, my son didn’t like the idea but since I’ve always love cheese, it tasted better for me. And the fluffy texture is just so right. The creaminess of the cheesecake is not tiring, which allowed the natural taste of blueberries to still be dominant. Besides, it is blueberry cheesecake with a twist. It was my first to try one with cheese on top of it.

I forgot to have a photo with the owner, they were so pleasing and thoughtful too. They even left instructions inside the box like a serving suggestion.

Soon, I’m going to get the sampler box. It is sugar, spice and everything nice. It is a happy new year indeed!

new year spread
My New Year’s Eve spread wouldn’t be complete without the sweet ones! Thank you Catherine’s!

For your reference, here’s an updated copy of their menu:

menu price list


Plus the apple bars too! =)

My blueberry days…

My Blueberry Days

excited 1
Photo grabbed from:

Valentines’ Day is fast approaching which reminds me of my single-blessedness. I must admit, I definitely miss dating. As in “Dating”! The kind of which you prepare for the dress that you’re going to wear a few days (or even weeks) in advance, with the matching pair of shoes, whether you’re using a big or just a small bag and the scent as a final touch. I truly miss it! And on the day itself, you’re seeing yourself undergoing last-minute changes! The sweetness of being a “girl”! (oh well, I’m referring to myself as a “girl” at 40 something!)

Yes, I miss holding hands with a man I look up to (because he is 5’9″ tall and that I have to tiptoe just to be able to kiss him), I miss getting flowers and chocolates packaged in heart-shaped boxes.

During the old days, they used to come in transparent plastic boxes, nowadays, they usually come in attractive printed carton boxes, or beautifully wrapped in recycled pastel papers, in any way, I miss it. And those were the days! So darn sweet!

A man so crazy for you, he will promise you heaven and earth! Well, much as I want to write something about falling in (and out of) love, I opted to write about being single. And all the sweet things that comes with it. I’d rather write about my “Blueberry Days!”

I secretly planned to buy myself a whole cake of sweetness this Valentine’s day (just to fill the emptiness of that specific day, anyway, it’s just a day) and have it as a surprise to my family after dinner, just a sort of sweet treat from me to them. Just to taste something special and extra sweet if not by heart, at least by my palate.

I have listed the places as to where I can get them and probably write it down here too. I’ve stumbled on some inspiring blogs as to where I can get my cake! and the flavor? You guess! By all means, you are right! Blueberries! Always blueberries!

Could it be the color? Could be yes. As obviously, I’ve loved the color purple, violet, lavender, periwinkle, name it! Perhaps, it could be the anti-oxidant properties that comes with these tiny weeny fruits known as blueberries. I don’t like it raw. I liked it most as jam.

Collating those times that I’ve taken photos of the slices (sometimes a whole of it, or in cupfuls, or as toppings, as long as they’re blueberries!). I was more than glad and surprised that I did. For I’ve got plenty. And yet, I want mooore!!!! More awesomeness! Just to make life a little sweeter perhaps.

I must have picked the best one and would come back to it from time to time or voted for my favorites or those that made difference. I do not have pictures from the others like Sugar house (which we frequent during college), Starbucks, Cravings, Becky’s Kitchen, The Old Spaghetti house, the rectangle version of UCC, etc.

But isn’t it but natural to treat ourselves every now and then a slice of sweetness to create balance right?! I hope too that I get a little better and sweeter in my writing. Particularly sweeter as it’s the month of love. And even if I am single, I’m still completely happy, I have my soul sisters to share my life with, my son, my mom, my cats, my dog, my friends, my work and God. What else can I ask for?

Sharing with you all the sweetness..

1. Ice cream cake from Amazon Grill, Enchanted kingdom

bb ice cream cake
Blueberry ice cream cake from                            Enchanted kingdom is a must…

2. A slice from “Bag of Beans”..

Bag of beans
Bag of Bean’s version…

3. Conti’s..

I had my first try at Conti's BF Paranaque.. They're now famous for their Mango bravo, though this is still my favorite.. Courtesy of:
I had my first try at Conti’s BF Paranaque.. They’re now famous for their Mango bravo, though this is still my favorite..
Courtesy of:

4. La Preciosa in Laoag, Ilocos Norte..

I got a slice from La Preciosa in Laoag…

5. Our very own Lindens from Southwoods, San Pedro, Laguna.


6. I took this away (my second slice), as I’ve consumed the first one while reading some books at Libro, a dainty cafe in Tacloban..

Libro tacloban
Take away from Libro Tacloban…

7. Mc Cafe at Southwoods..

mc cafe
Recently, Southwoods McDonald’s came up with their own corner for cakes and cafe…i hurriedly tried mine..

8. I could not get enough of it, so I tried doing my own. Not bad for a first timer..=p

my own
First try…very costly..

9. Arabela cafe, Liliw, Laguna..

From Liliw, Arabela cafe… Courtesy of:

10. Heart-shaped waffles from “Red Mango”..

red mango
From red mango..

11. This one is from my soul sis! She truly knows what melts me!

bb fr jayne
Home made mini cheesecakes where I can take one in just one bite (joking!)…the creamiest I’ve tasted..

12. Coffee bean and tea leaf‘s version..

From CBTL..

13. My favorite frozen yogurt topped with blueberries. I remember requesting for more that i’m willing to be charged extra, though they do not allow it as they measure by the grams per order basis, in short I will ruin their inventory monitoring procedure..ehehe!

white hat
My favorite frozen yogurt..

14. I forgot the brand, though this I got from SM Makati..

froyo sm
Forgot where is this but I never missed getting a cupful each time I passed by SM mkati..

15. Royal Touch, SM Aura, BGC..

royale touch
It’s Blueberry highness on the left..

16. Mom and Tina’s, Greenbelt, Makati..

Mom and Tina’s..

17. Bizu, Alabang..

Another take away from Bizu..

18. Fig tree

blueberry fig tree

I’m just saying: Cheeeese!cake!lol! – is all I’ll ask for this Valentine’s day! Besides, life is truly very sweet after all! Happy Valentine’s day everyone! <3<3<3