Karen’s Kitchen

Karen’s Kitchen

Little did I know that this little cake corner in Makati, situated in a gasoline station in EDSA already branched out in Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

been there for years
I spotted Karen’s in a funny way. Due to call of nature, and since the Restroom of this specific gasoline station in Edsa is one of the tidiest, we went inside Karen’s out of curiosity.
Isn’t it so inviting=)
for 2
No more than 10 they can accommodate, while the new branch is really big.
shabby chic
Shabby chic!

If I can recall, it’s been years that we have been getting our pastries from Karen’s Kitchen as take – outs. Just out of grabbing something for loved-ones especially if you’re just gassing up. And sometimes in haste, when you’re assigned to buy cake for someones’ birthday.

wall clock
So true!

I almost got frustrated knowing I can’t find previous photos of some of my visits. Then, I found it.

apple pie
Apple pie..

I can’t wait immersing myself on my visit to the newest branch some blocks away from the office which I heard has a very country feel.

KK! No, not Krispy Kreme, but Karen’s Kitchen!=)

Some of my friends have been there already. And by the look on their faces, it is guaranteed satisfaction.

Their pilot branch is located at: EDSA, corner Pasay Road, Dasmarinas Village, Makati, 1221. Phone #: 555-0111. (They are just across Dusit Thani hotel). Right side if you’re coming from Magallanes, and left side if you’re coming from the north.

its been here
This bell have been here for years If I’m not mistaken.

Till my next blog! =)



CATHERINE’s Cakes and Pies

Catherine’s Cakes and Pies

“Take your pleasure seriously.” ~Charles Eames~ 

Okay, reaching 40, I then came into a conclusion that my awareness has to go further even to how I feed myself. I noticed lines in my face, and remembered the years when they are not there yet.

I noticed sagging skin, my being weakling in some tasks that used to be very easy for me. How I love to walk years ago and I dread them now or maybe because I was in the wrong pair of shoes.

Nevertheless, I had to remind myself to be more conscious, simply because I am no longer in my twenty’s.

However, life is short and during occasion, I sometimes give in to my vices and indulge. =)

I am so excited to share with you how I discovered one of the best apple pie in my country as declared by spot.ph as of 2014.

Courtesy of: http://www.spot.ph

We had two different cakes come New Year’s Eve.

2 boxes
Both from Catherine’s!

While I listed down brands as to where I will get my New year’s eve desserts on top of my home-made salad, I finally decided to get it from Catherine’s. I saw them from spot.ph. Stalked their Facebook page and as impressive as they are in the photos. It is exactly how it is in real life. They are also very cooperative on-line. My queries were immediately answered which prompted me to choose them this year.

catherines apple pie
Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/Catherines-Cakes-Pies-258772997534621/photos_stream
catherines 1
“Delish!” Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/Catherines-Cakes-Pies-258772997534621/photos_stream

For these two different cakes. They were my dessert for almost three consecutive days after New year’s eve and honestly, I didn’t get tired eating them. I indulged in every sense of the word. And was emotional while eating like have them tried by my besties and that we will eat them together while sharing many stories.

And If I may describe the apple pie, believe me, the caramel sauce isn’t too sweet. You will catch some bits of walnuts in each bite and I’ve come to appreciate more the benefits of walnuts not only for my cravings but for my body as well. I forget to mention, I saw a lot of apples, and apples and apples. And the crust is so flaky, which tasted heavenly for me. It is really worth it. If you will find out how we were able to get them and went all the way to Sucat, Paranaque on Dec. 30 just to get them.

apple pie
Sweetly comes with personalized cards and pretty ribbons that I wouldn’t want to throw away. =)

While the blueberry cheesecake, you know how I love it, and if I can have it as often as I can, I will surely do.

my bb
Loved the cheese!

It is nice to know that they weren’t frugal in topping them with real berries. They even topped them with cheese which created a different but nicer taste for me, my son didn’t like the idea but since I’ve always love cheese, it tasted better for me. And the fluffy texture is just so right. The creaminess of the cheesecake is not tiring, which allowed the natural taste of blueberries to still be dominant. Besides, it is blueberry cheesecake with a twist. It was my first to try one with cheese on top of it.

I forgot to have a photo with the owner, they were so pleasing and thoughtful too. They even left instructions inside the box like a serving suggestion.

Soon, I’m going to get the sampler box. It is sugar, spice and everything nice. It is a happy new year indeed!

new year spread
My New Year’s Eve spread wouldn’t be complete without the sweet ones! Thank you Catherine’s!

For your reference, here’s an updated copy of their menu:

menu price list


Plus the apple bars too! =)

Celebrating life with Cakes…

Celebrating life with Cakes…

“A great many things can be resolved with kindness, even more with laughter, but there are some things that just require cake.” – ~Leigh Standley~

It’s a few more weeks before Christmas. And a few more days before my mama’s birthday. And what better way to celebrate occasion such as these is by loads of sweetness from TLJ!

Ever since TLJ took over its’ own niche in the Desserts industry. An assembly of unique and delicately designed cakes that are simply beautiful and pleasing to the eyes, more so in any spread at home or outside. Their concept has taken the Filipinos by storm. Created I must assumed with passion since it entails all things to consider like taste, presentation, location and price.

Each one like a pastel-colored masterpiece with its’ curator who I can imagine is smiling while finishing up a well-done concoction in a whim. Each compliments the deep dark shade of chocolates. The base of most cakes I think are chocolates. As the saying goes: “No one outgrows the pleasure of chocolates”. Or for  my personal choice, it is mocha flavor first and foremost. =)

Check out those that I’ve tried.

My first!
tlj 1
A gift for a friend on her birthday..
tlj 2
One Christmas..
tlj 3
And another…
bday ko
And then, I got one too on my birthday. Thank you Jen! ❤

Most people I’ve tried it with, loves it. Quite enamored by the dainty sweetness. It seems. So I am thinking now with excitement what variant we will get during the holidays. Unless, the other part of me would try these tempting choices:

food spots
One of these from Kitchen’s Best, I have a leaning on the purple yam cake (upper right photo) Courtesy of: http://www.foodspotting.com/places/451903-kitchen-s-best-the-fort-bonifacio-global-city-taguig/items/5458-cakes

Or this from Crimson hotel 

crimson cake

Or Mango bene from Cafe Mary Grace

mango ben
Mango bene from Cafe Mary Grace.. Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/CafeMaryGrace/

There is also one Patisserie in Kapitolyo, “Lia’s Cakes in Season” which my soul buddy had me tried twice and I’m thinking if I can go all the way from Laguna just to get their Avocado cake for Christmas. Believe me, it tastes so heavenly.

avocado cake
Avocado cake Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/Lias-Cakes-in-Season-280423845313979/timeline

Not to forget our all-time favorite, Mango bravo from Contis. I have to decide. I am sure they are getting orders as early as now.

mango bravo

How about you? What are you gonna get this holiday season?

Have a sweet Christmas everyone! =)

DESSERT FACTORY – Ayala Terraces, Cebu

Dessert Factory – Ayala Terraces, Cebu 

“One can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ~Virginia Woolf~

Is there anything more gratifying than having a dessert after a full meal? Doesn’t it feel like we missed something if after each meal, there would be no dessert? An ice cream, a cupcake or a slice of cake perhaps. So after a hearty meal with my family on our last day in Cebu. Even if they are “okay” without the dessert, I dragged them to the nearest dessert station that I eyed in advance while we were looking for a place to eat. Well, cravings are cravings, and what have been marching in my mind all the while we are having lunch is a slice of blueberry cheesecake. If I don’t indulge, they will be annoyed with me the whole day, I promised.

So off we went to “Dessert Factory”, it is just 2 stores away from Chickahan sa Cebu.

The taste of one of the best pinakbet I’ve tried is still on my palate, and the beef shank with a very creamy gravy and the scallops. Who could resist a winning dessert right?

The attractive facade and the number of guests speaks for the store itself. .

And I won, I ordered my slice of blueberry cheesecake and another, I asked the attendant as to which is their best seller, and ordered it.

Varieties to choose from..
Had a hard time choosing, If i can get a slice of each? I will! ahaha

So as we were waiting for my blueberry cheesecake and red velvet cake to be served, I took the opportunity to take pictures since their interiors (as well as the exteriors) is literally fetching. Besides, I’ve seen the color violet in every corner, and I wouldn’t want to miss capturing subjects in my favorite color, I’ve been smitten by anything purple since time immemorial.

Since theirs is themed, I see that every inch were considered.

Here are they:

violet hearts
Purple and gold is so royal..
Jesters depicts happiness…
display area
Black and white tiles are a classic..

The black and white tiles are reminiscent of castles with jesters performing. I truly enjoyed this place even for a while.

bnw tiles
For the love of bnw tiles..
second room
Amazing perspective..
I had to capture this for my college bff… This is one of her fascinations..

As I felt like being transported to another time, with all the design elements that are impossible to be ignored, well almost, our slices of cakes arrived.

our cakes
Blueberry cheesecake and Red velvet cake..

We consumed the cake while talking about our trip to Bohol a day ago.. And observing the way of life in Cebu.

The blueberry cheesecake is not that extra-ordinary but is the usual taste of what blueberry cheesecake should be. Same with the red velvet cake, only that it’s like 5″ tall and so we took turns consuming it.

We also had coffee after and off we go to our last stop. My tummy then is happy! =)

Dessert factory is located at Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City, Cebu, 6000



“Eat, drink and be merry.”

Satiating our cravings from Boon Tong Kee. As expected, we craved for sweets after. And since they do not have much choices for desserts. We opted to allow our feet to navigate for us to the nearest desserts shop in the vicinity.

We passed by several stores that aren’t much exciting until we finally spotted Chocolat.


Foodie buddy is a chocolate addict!

Chocolat! ❤
Lots lots of chocolates in their chiller!
chiller 2
I wish I could bring them home! ahahaa!
chiller 3

We hurried to it’s entrance like kids and immediately asked the attendant if they have blueberry cheesecake. Ironic to be heading to a Chocolate bakery and ask for blueberry cheesecake! Lol!

jen 2
menu board
Menu board..

And surely, they have! What we loved about their version is the crunchy caramelly taste of their graham crust.

Blueberry cheesecake! ❤

Usually, it’s just grahams, sugar, salt and butter. I asked the attendant and she just mentioned those four, though I suspect that there is something else. Of course its’ meant to be a trade secret. They also didn’t scrimp on their blueberry cheesecake itself. They didn’t just top them, they’re on the cheesecake itself. P140.00 per slice isn’t that bad knowing the others priced theirs at that range considering the difference in taste.

carrot cake
Carrot cake!
Vintage poster!

We had the usual drinks too. My cafe latte and mocha for Jen. Both iced. Summer is fast approaching and even if the mall is provided with centralized ACUs, it’s already humid proving that Summer is here.

It’s Summer time!
Sweeteners please!

Having luscious dessert is like a finale after a hefty meal. You looked forward to it, they dance in your mind and it spells happiness! (–,)


Death by Tablea is so intriguing.

Death by Tablea..
You can choose from their many offerings!