A poem for my son…

A poem for Echo             

Dreaming, thinking, wishing,

Wondering’ where it’s at,

Sweet words to hear, Images to stir…

Hand to hold to still my fears,

Loving kisses through the night,

Sweet embraces that’s so tight…

Precious hope, treasured dream,

Wanting you to be near,

Greatest love from my heart,

A miracle from up above…

Such a voice, such a smile,

Born of one single love,

This heart of mine is yours alone,

With you my soul forever belong…

A love so sure, so strong and pure,

I can only whisper when you’re asleep,

Your love will always forever I keep,

And while the stars shine up above…

Again and again you will always be loved…

My son and me..<3
My son and me..<3