We had it at HEAT – Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

We had it at HEAT – Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

“It is lovely, when I forget all birthdays, including my own, to find that somebody remembers me.” ~Ellen Glasgow~

Each year, we usually celebrate our birth month in different places due to our busy schedule, Jen used to call it our month-long celebration.

This year, our last celebration was at Heat Restaurant. Heat stands for Healthy Eating and Amazing Treats.

It is located at the lobby level, Tower wing, 1 Garden way, of Edsa Shangri-la hotel fronting the huge swimming pool, so each time guests passed by our table in their swimming gears, I am no longer surprise.

We tried their buffet for a slightly late lunch (conflict of schedule it is), so we have very limited time bonding and consumed our food like were frenemies. I was telling her that “Hey, I can cook this!” but she says we need to just enjoy eating the more that we were not the ones who got tired preparing it.

This is what we’ve had:

No soft drinks for me. And i really liked that bottomless iced tea.
Should I be awkward with that rice? =)
Especially when Jen opted “no rice” instead.
But she had lots of these.
And some Japanese food too…
While I savored the greens..
And the hakaws!
And of course the sweet treats!
I especially loved this blueberry ice cream topped with unlimited walnuts…=) Of course I took advantage, walnuts is one of my favorites just like pistachio.
Jen isn’t much of a sweet tooth, though she truly enjoyed scooping from the dessert station.
This is what she actually wanted, but we can’t make it for dinner time, she had to work and I have to be home before 7pm, curfews nowadays isn’t only for teens…

So we will just have to set another date for Jen’s lobsters.

While I indulged on the sweets.

If you want to try this gastronomic treat, you can book a table thru:

Phone: (632) 633 8888
Location: Lobby Level, Tower Wing
Operating Hours: 6am – 12 midnight (Mon – Sun)
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Smoking Policy: The hotel’s designated smoking area is located at the 2nd floor, beside the tennis courts.




Cafe RIZAL at The Rizal Park Hotel

Cafe RIZAL at the Rizal Park Hotel 

“Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.” ~Louisa May Alcott~

I have been awed by people’s creativity and talent especially when they achieve beauty in mixing the old with the new.

The first time I heard of The Army and Navy Club being restored last July 2017, and named it as Rizal Park Hotel, I thought of inviting Jen to see it immediately.

We were on the look-out for the next holiday (s) so we can visit it. Apart from its’ location, it is out of our way, it would take us more than 3 hours to get there if we’re coming from Laguna.

And finally, we’re able to make it. On a holiday. =)

It is still a dignified white structure for me, they were able to document how since 1911, the building graced Manila, until it was declared as condemned, and then, restored. You’ll be amazed that instead of replacing those that are deteriorated already, they opted to repair them. While for those that really requires replacement, they made sure that it matched (if not exact) the original design.

There is a special feeling being in a place where you visualized that it has been there at a time that you’re not living yet.


Photos courtesy of: http://www.rizalparkhotel.com.ph/history


Photo courtesy of: http://www.philippine-trivia.com/trivias/institutions-society/trivias-about-st-scholasticas-college.html

I felt it first time, when I was still a college student. It has always been nostalgic for me.

Said restoration has been very impressive and inspiring. How they painstakingly did it just so to preserved something very significant to this country’s history.

After wandering around and marveling how it was restored, it is now time to eat according to Jen.

wd and wdo

We were cheerfully ushered by two attendants and guided us to the dining hall.

It was good to know that they have our usual favorites. I had my pasta with shrimps and Jen had her burger: the Army and Navy Burger served with truffle potato wedges.

Initially, we ordered for a green salad too and Oolong iced tea.

I requested for a simple syrup for my tea, I wondered why it took long for the attendant to go back. Then I saw someone else approaching, he introduced himself with that infectious smile, that he is the Shift Manager and handed me a tray of these sugar packets. He apologized that they do not have the syrup at the moment, but assured me to make it readily available, should it be requested in the future. which I found thoughtful and sweet.


I think, for transparency purposes, the kitchen or working area is visible to the guest and is very orderly. Look at those spices in vintage glass canisters.

We really enjoyed our food so much, we haven’t consumed our complimentary breads yet when they arrived.

Were excited like kids as to how our food tastes, more so how it’ll be ingeniously presented. There’s a little spiciness that I’ve felt from my shrimps but then the over-all taste is very gratifying. I donated one to Jen. =)

I asked Jen how’s her burger and she just offered me to have a bite as I can describe it better according to her. It was really tasteful and distinctive.

After which, we lingered for a while at the Courtyard. Jen commented that we stayed there longer than how long we finished our lunch because the place is so relaxing, it has transported us from the ordinary.

It was a good decision to restore the place and preserved a portion of history, its like a priceless gift to the new generations.

I would have to end this by convincing you to pay visit, I’m sure you’ll be inspired too.

Rizal Park Hotel is located at: South road drive, T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila, Philippines. They accept reservations through:
(02) 804-8700.


I wonder why Jen and I didn’t have our photo together? And I forgot to capture the famous dome. And the beckoning stairs. Maybe next time. =)

THE NEST – Vivere Hotel

The Nest at VIVERE Hotel…



Now that we’re free for a few days, we had the chance to go out in the evening. Whereas during ordinary days, normally we just go out to have a quick lunch out or to have coffee somewhere near.

And since collecting stickers (for that famous planner) is over, we decided to have our coffee from The Nest. It is located at the roof top of Vivere hotel. The Nest is one of our favorite place in Alabang where I hang-out with colleagues and friends.

The bar..

Rustic inspired..

Rustic/ vintage theme..

And gorgeous tiles from Machuca…

Jen haven’t tried there yet so it was our first choice along the other hotels in Alabang, namely Bellevue, Azumi, Acacia and Crimson hotel.

Selfie! =)

C/o Jen..

To the hallways..

Each has something to boast, and them being a few blocks away from each other, gave Alabang residents and its’ nearby neighborhood good options to bring friends and/ or families.

Happy holidays!

One of the detriments of the season is that traffic gets really bad. So instead of having a full dinner at Vivere, we first munch a few at home as we are scared to get stuck (and starving) on the road.

Surprisingly, it took us less than an hour to get to the 31st floor of Vivere hotel.

We’re on the 31st floor..

We also didn’t expect that the place will be as crowded. Though luck’s on our side, we secured a corner of our own.

I remember Jen asking if the pool is operational. I just said maybe in the day time. =)

The corner we’ve got with a nice view of Alabang’s nightscape…

Loved that corner we spotted.

There is a band at that time serenading us with hits from the 80s. And of course I can sing along because I was already a school girl during then. =)

So what we’ve had for that late dinner.

The Nest…

We intend to get nachos as aperitif, however, it is no longer available at that time.

I then ordered for my burger. It came with French fries.

With 3 choices of condiments (mayo, ketchup and coleslaw).

And Jen had pasta in white sauce.

Pasta with grilled chicken strips. We were disappointed that upon revamp of their menus, they removed the pizzas. =(

We both decided to have iced tea instead of coffee, ironically, it felt freezing when you drink something with ice while the wind is as strong as we chose to dine al fresco.

It was good..=)

Not being used to the biting cold, we opted to stay indoor and enjoyed the interiors of the Picasso hall.

Eyed another Picasso boutique hotel in Makati too..

When I saw my favorite machucas, some magnificent and voguish lighting fixtures dangling from the ceiling, soft-cushioned sofas in damask patterns, it actually doubled the fun I was feeling at that time.

Relaxed mode..

Inside Picasso (banquet area)..

I can do that wall, I think! =)

It felt good and sweet going back to a beautiful place that reminds you of good old times spent with good old friends. Wishing to collect more sweet memories here. =)

Through the years..

Happy holidays! =)

Vivere Hotel is located at 5102 Bridgeway Ave., cor. Asean Dr | Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Luzon 1781, Philippines

MIDAS Cafe at Midas Hotel in Pasay City…

Midas Cafe at Midas Hotel in Pasay City…

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t seem to stop writing. I will write about this hotel in Pasay City which we’ve been meaning to try for a “Staycation”.

Midas Hotel is one of those 5-star hotels lined-up along Roxas boulevard. It used to be the historic Hyatt Hotel, it was then renovated and renamed as Midas Hotel by Genesis Hotels and Resorts, the same company that owns Misibis Bay and Bellaroca Island Resort, still, I must conclude it’d still remain to be a peaceful and luxurious abode in a fast-paced urban place for travelers. It is also a few minutes away from Mall of Asia, the airports, Solaire and Resorts world.

midas logo
Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/MidasHotelAndCasino/timeline

I went over this particular blog a few days ago, but due to tons of “things to do” at work and at home. My “Me time” spent on blogging, traveling, quilting were put aside for a while.

Our original plan is to try Yanagi. A Japanese restaurant located at the mezzanine. However, when we arrive, all seats are taken on a weekday, and we forget to call for a reservation.

They were kind enough to direct us to the Cafe – Midas Cafe, hoping for available seats. When we arrive, we were informed that there are several events and it might not be possible for us to choose our seats. We said it’s okay. We were provided a two seater coffee table which is I guess enough for snacking and not big enough for a real meal.

It wasn’t a problem at all, we only wanted to check their place and ordered for a few to satiate our cravings not necessarily our hunger. When at some point, you’d hear giggles of this group, and another singing “Happy Birthday” from a different group, etc. True enough, it is definitely peak at the cafe.

midas menu
I like the concept..

So Jen had the “Midas burger” and I just had Pepperoni pizza. But we were so tempted with the attractive display of their desserts, we ended up availing their “Desserts buffet”.

She had a hard time consuming her burger and I had a hard time with my pizza too.

midas cubiertos

midas burger
I helped her with the coleslaw! ehehe!

midas pizza
And I asked her to help me with my pizza too!

The variant I’ve chosen is of course my favorite pepperoni and was surprise to discover theirs is bigger than the usual. Because we had too much of their desserts. We had halo-halo and ice cream and pieces of bite-size blueberry cheesecake. I also spotted mini cream puffs and tiramisus. And took a bite of each.

midas ice cream toppings
You can top these on your ice cream!

midas desserts
I loved the almonds.. =) and mini cream puffs and mini blueberry cheesecakes!

midas desserts buffet
We weren’t able to try everything.. Just by looking at them made me already full!

midas halo
Besides, I had Halo-halo! =)

midas halo toppings
I got plenty of red monggos and ube..=)

The Head waiter didn’t fail to check us out on top of taking care of the on-going event(s). It was amazing. From the time we placed our order, til they arrived and until we asked them if we can take the pizza home.

We were also informed with pride that the Executive Chef of Midas hotel is the award-winning Chef Arnold Guevarra. Upon research, he was also the Executive Sous Chef of Sofitel Philippines. We all know that Sofitel is very popular for their buffet spread at Spiral Manila. I was able to check it out with some colleagues years ago. And maybe it’s time to ask Jen to go with me and try it again soon.

midas red
Let’s go to Spiral! =)

I also thought of the lobby of Midas hotel to be so grand but it was not that grand. Except for that grand piano! (Am I too literal here?) Lol! And only when I checked the details of those orange boxes out of curiosity, it made me think again. They resemble Hermes boxes! =) Because I was estimating the cost of those bags all in all. Ahahaha! If there’s one original bag inside.

Not until I figured-out that the opulence is coming from the furniture itself. As you will find pieces by Philip Starck here and there.

midas orange boxes
Are those boxes Hermes?

What struck me the most is the scent that was lingering when we entered the lobby. I thought it was coming from the many flowers scattered in every corner. Though the scent isn’t floral, it is more of a sweet milder lemony scent.

midas flowers
So lovely…

This and the “Midas touch” great service will make me remember Midas Hotel and left with a resolve to come back and enjoy quality “Me” time. This or Henry hotel Manila. They are just a few blocks away from each other. Till then! =)

midas tatler
We ought to validate this soon! =)

midas me
Yey! Happy tummies!

good vibes
Good Vibes! Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/MidasHotelAndCasino/timeline

Midas Hotel is located at 1501 Roxas Boulevard, 2702 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila. You can contact them at:  902 0100

The Lobby at ACACIA Hotel in Alabang…

Acacia Hotel

Courtesy of: http://www.themummyblogger.co.uk/word-2014/

It’s true that we need to take care of ourselves health-wise, though a little indulgence in any form won’t hurt that much and is just as good for you because it made you happy. Isn’t it that being healthy and happy are always from within.

I just noticed, that there is one hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa City that I haven’t seen yet. The one that is very Filipino. The Acacia Hotel. And just in time, giving in to foodie buddys’ whim. She wanted to check it too. Yay!

Here it is!

The lobby was grand, I’ve always admired floor to ceiling glass panels where natural light comes in. We were ushered by the attendants, they were so welcoming and we were given their leaflets for the rates of their rooms both during peak and lean season.

lobby 3
I wonder what hotels in other countries look like..=)

lobby 1
I ❤ Stairs!

jens idea
And Jen’s idea..

It felt and looked worthy to try soon. Besides, it is a stone throw away from my favorite rendezvous – Alabang Town Center and Commerce center which is just in front of it. A “staycation” is a cute idea.

From the splendid lobby we were invited to sit on a table for two, with tall, white wing chairs in black floral patterns which looked like a damask from afar. It achieved an ornate look that is if it is the desired result of the Designer. I honestly find it very stylish.

table for two
For two..

The table is actually right across the chillers where the pastries are displayed. It immediately steal my attention and we were tempted to try their food even if we’ve just had our lunch a few minutes ago.

chiller 3
Instead of gettin’ their Best seller.. I got the one that’s best for me..=)

They have ensaymadas too! Though nothing beats Crimsons’ Ensaymada for me, it’s the one with ube inside..=)

chiller 2
I saw Eclairs, Cream puff, apple pie! All of my favorites are here!

We saw four cheese pizza from their Snack menu : Bleu cheese, Emmental, Brie and Mozzarella cheese, this has become our favorite lately). However, not a lot of people likes the “tang” of Bleu cheese, and we were informed that it can be replaced as you wish. Emmental is from its’ name originated from Emmental, Switzerland. It is made from cow’s milk and are with some types of bacteria and matured for more than a year. Did you know that there is a Cheese World Championship and Emmentaler was the first one to win the title? While, Brie as we all know came from cow’s milk as well from Brie, France. It has molds in it too.

pizza 2

Nothing but cheese! Four kinds! =)

All in all, the combination of these four created an utterly distinct taste and to have them on your pizza without the meat and other toppings is more than enough. It was a good choice among the other variants: Antipasto Misto, Pepperoni, Margarita and Supreme. I was actually contemplating between Margarita and Four cheese since I love tomatoes as well. Then, the four cheese was voted by Jen so we ordered for it and of course a sweet one from the chiller for me.

think think

Definitely it can only be: blueberry cheesecake.

bb cheesecake
All time favorite..=) They top it with Pistachio nuts, and those gold tiny pearls are edibles too!

For our drinks, being coffee lovers, we opted for a caffe latte and caramel machiatto for Jen.

cafe latte
Mine with simple syrup..

Jens’ is Caramel machiatto..

The food, ambiance and service were good enough for our money’s worth.

Their food was a proof that the Filipino Chefs taking care of this hotels’ menu line gave their special touch, that it was worth a second try.

sitting pretty
See you again Acacia!


As a rule, I assess (forgive me) a hotel if their comfort rooms are provided with bidets in their cubicles, they disappointed me on this category. Being accustomed to it, papa installed bidets in all comfort rooms since I was a child. I just got used to it. Like I can’t do without it anymore. However, it was compensated by the hand dryer. The air coming from it is scented. Wow!

bye jen
Let’s go Jen!

pressed lavenders
Pressed lavenders!

Spell happiness!

Dress Code: Casual Chic

Acacia Hotel Manila is located at:
5400 East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue,
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang,
Muntinlupa City 1781
Telephone: ++63 2 7202000 / ++63 2 5885888
Telephone: ++63 2 7202028 / ++63 2 5885828

Mobile: ++63 917 5281504 (room reservations only)
Email: enquiry@acaciahotelsmanila.com