DESIGNER BLOOMS in Molito, Alabang

Designer’s Bloom – Molito in Alabang

“Sometimes, having coffee with your best friend, is all the therapy you need.”

During the 90s, Designer blooms is a well-known flower shop. They have their own farm in Tagaytay and a warehouse in Alabang. Luckily, I experienced getting one of theirs. Long-stemmed roses specifically. DB is one of the pioneers until new shops come and go and they remained steadfast in the business. Theirs is for any occasion.

Who would believe that their flower shop is cum coffee shop though it didn’t surprised me upon knowing that they ventured into Food & Beverage already. A special niche created primarily targeting those whose initial need are flowers. And while waiting for the ordered product to be finished. It was good to know that guests can have some pasta or pastries or beverages like tea and coffee. My foodie buddy wouldn’t believe me that they have a coffee shop already till I brought her to their branch just at the back of the block where Hermanos is.

Their facade.

It was strategic that most of their walls are of clear glass since it allows them to entice guests to enter the place that is if you have an awesome interiors.

As we enter, we already saw the flowers on the right side of the restaurant and we both wondered if the scent is all over the place. Though most of the flowers are contained in a tiny room with an ACU in a lower temperature than the usual. And indeed, the place exudes an intriguing scent. Scent of the flowers and scent of whatever they have baked or prepared for the day is a mixture of something rustic and sweet. Our fear to try this for the first time is that the food might taste like flower since it is the primary scent thats lingering all over the place. I do not want be munching on petals.

chalk board
Decisions. Decisions. =)
menu board
Wow seafood pasta!
apple pies
I almost ordered one of these..
Feathers on their hat!

Surprisingly, its not. Since we’re still loaded with that Mexican treat, we just got ourselves coffee and a portion of their blueberry cheesecake. The plate where it sits is smothered with chocolate syrup for the purpose of presentation. It’s taste wasn’t even recognized if you get a teaspoonful of the cheesecake but just a little hint of the chocolate.

todays cakes
What else will I get?=)
bb cheesecake
Happy tummy…
Soon, soon. I’m so full.

Over-all, it is recommendable to spend quiet and quality time here with your family or friends. They have tables for two.

table for twos
There are 3 tables for 2 in the ground floor.

We were allowed to use a table meant for 6 persons because I fell in love with the 2-seater sofa with a huge rose design on the fabric.

roses sofa
There it is!
They made use of an old sewing machine’s table..
floral arrngement
Yellow and blue..
Coaster made of cork board..

There’s a soft music playing and conversations from the other tables goes unnoticed. Do not fret if all the tables are occupied. They have more space on the second floor.

stairs 2
Good idea!
second floor
More space upstairs..
logo db
Their logo..
designer blooms
And another..

I like my cafe latte. Just as I expected it and a simple syrup is included to satiate my sweet tooth.

Oh there’s my syrup..
me and jen
Jen and moi! =)
They have teas too..

Before leaving, out of curiosity, I asked the attendant if why they do not serve rose petals in their menu. According to him, they used to but it was hard keeping stocks of it as there are not much produced. The staff are friendly too and are willing to assist you prior to you requesting for it.

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