Had fun at HAP CHAN!

Had fun at Hap Chan..

A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always needs togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part…

As most would guess, my date with my elder sissy is to celebrate the past occasion that we’ve missed. We normally end up carrying old gifts that were prepared months and even years ago. That is how busy we were. Good thing, we still manage to find time for each other. If I am not mistaken, this is our favorite restaurant. We’ve been here for the most times. As we both love dim sum. And it’s near our place. And the service is good enough for the discriminating taste of my “ate”… Her stint in Restaurant Management for the past years is a culmination of her experience in the kitchen and earned her standards fit to a few.

hap chan menu
Tea house..

I was able to keep a photo of my first visit to Hap Chan.

another time
Still hakaw and shrimp with broccoli.. =)

The place sits in a corner of a supermarket in our town. It is so seldom that I see this restaurant without customers. Still, they manage to accommodate everyone. They have provided a waiting area outside for those who are patient enough to wait for the next table to be vacant. Their interiors were a mix and match of stuff that are very Chinese, red and gold theme, elements like fret works, tasseled lanterns, bamboos, etc. that depicts them coming from the East of Asia.


There’s this one I remember so many years ago, that Hap Chan’s queue in Malate is phenomenal. I’m not that sure, if this and that is one and the same. As for now, we truly enjoyed these: the ambiance, the attendants, the food as much as we enjoyed each others’ stories. I seriously don’t know where we started but we know where our stories are heading. It may be years since our last date, however, it felt just like meeting her last week. Like deciding as to where to eat is as easy as “A-B-C”. There are places we previously considered, still, we usually ended up here. Seeing each other is full of ardor and our laughter is a huge plus to look back at each encounter with fondness.

ate ko


Sometimes we argue over some issues and then we will realized they are pretty much petty and opted to just shrug it off, and every so often, we are already laughing together. I miss my ate all the time. So much of missing her, one time, I bumped with her during our market day, and we even had a picture then with her son who is my adoptive son too. =) We missed our little daughter at that time and intended to go out with our kids sometime, including my son. You may notice that we can go on talking for the whole day. Maybe next time, we will go to a buffet that will allow us to stay there for hours. The special thing about dining with ate is that we say prayers first before attacking our food. It made me feel God’s presence as I listen as she utter her prayers beautifully. I think, I could not express them the way she does. It is so magical or should I say very spiritual. Please take a look at how big our appetite is. Ahahaha!

yang chow
Yang chow rice..

brocolli and wakaw

crispy noodles

hap 1

It is such a perfect easy week night dinner, complete with the dessert saving our fork for the last dig. It’s just wonderful.

bnana split
Banana split…

We also had their banana split. A bit expensive but not the reason why we opted to share with one. But because we’re already full!

bye time 2

bye time

ate 2
Courtesy of: blog.househuntnetwork.com

I’ll pat myself on the back now, as meeting her once in a while (on top of our very busy schedules as a mother, as an employee, as a sister, as a friend, as a daughter, as a blogger, different rolls rolled into one) is definitely an achievement for me. See you soon ate! ❤

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