Chair as my lair…

Chair as my lair…

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” ~Bob Ross~

We often tend to overlook the substance of most things. While watching “The Passions of the Christ”, one scene became very memorable to me on top of the film showing the Lord’s sufferings which swollen my eyes the first, second and even the third time that I watched it.

The lighter scene that caught my attention was when Christ demonstrated to His Mother the sole purpose of a chair.

Jesus with His Mother – Mary, telling her about sitting on a chair..=)

It was enthralling to me. And as I looked at every chair around me. I kept this admiration of the inventors during the old times of things that are ordinary to us now. And in what way can we ever articulate our gratefulness when they made our lives easier. And what impetus pushed them of these momentous thoughts and transported each to veracity. Things like the telephone, the television, the aircon, the car, airplane, furniture inside the house, the ships, erecting a super mega tall building that would endure the strongest earthquake, the list might be endless.

And in all these inventions, mankind has never curtailed in innovating. Stretching their intellectual muscles to come up with something better, the dire need to enhance, improve, innovate, elevate, for the world’s appreciation and benefit at the same time.

One invention that has a very special meaning to me is the chair. I did not have any appreciation of this item not until I joined an office furniture company 2 decades ago. Being there for almost five years, working directly with the owner who brought brands such as: ICF, Masterpieces from Alivar, Bauhaus collection to mention a few in our country, made me appreciate the wonders of a chair. Its’ rudiments, its’ life, its’ beauty. And its’ purpose to the human race.

And it is not just simply “salumpuwet”, the tagalog term for a support for your precious derriere, but something that is ergonomically designed and will provide the user the kind of comfort our body requires whatever way we want to sit. Be it slouching or crossed legs or prim, chairs were designed to lessen discomfort and make us happy while we are sitting. Isn’t it so boring to be sited the whole time? And something  is twinging somewhere?

Below are some of the chairs I fell in love with:

Courtesy of :

ICF Chair

Courtesy of Designworks..


Human scale
Courtesy of:

Valanz of Merryfair by Espacio Diseño, Inc

Check it out – to see is to believe! =)

Fritz Chair

Courtesy of: Design link

Egg Chair

Egg chair Courtesy of:
Egg chair
Courtesy of:

Daphne’s Chair

Daphne's chair
Daphne’s chair Courtesy of:

Quilted Chairs

Source: Pinterest

Beach Chair


Vanity Chair

Courtesy of;

Ghost Chair

ghost chair
Violet ghost chair! Courtesy of:

Our very own – Cobonpue’s The Bloom

the bloom
Cobonpue is one of the country’s pride in the international furniture industry.
Courtesy of:

Delphi from Merryfair by Espacio Diseño, Inc.

In my almost 20 years exposure in the Office furniture industry, I am so in love with this piece…<3
Intricate details…

After 2 decades, venturing into 2 entirely different industries, my soul sister cum friend cum confidante cum boss re-introduced to me this industry that has always been close to my heart, by welcoming me to join her company that offers office furniture. It felt genuinely good being with the same industry where I started off at the young age of twenty something. It is just worthy to find out that there are still familiar names and well, lots of new names too!

My former boss even told me: “Allelee remember during our time, there are only more than 10 competitors that we knew of, now? There are hundreds!” And I just meekly replied that because it is a huge industry. True enough, No office can be put up without the owner providing their people chairs to sit on where they stay longer than the hours they stayed at home. Definitely, the bosses owe us something really comfortable.

You see, there are even songs about chairs! Can you imagine the world without a chair? I can not.

Chairs will always occupy a special place in our homes and in our hearts. In my heart undeniably. (Above and beyond, selling chairs have become my bread and butter for years now..)

As a tribute. I made myself a special chair depicting my own personality. I’d like to believe that the chair has a soul too.. How about you? Are you happy with the one that you’re sitting on now?

I am. (–,)


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-An only daughter. A mother of a 22 year old son. Passionate with so many things. A lover of life itself. First of which is to write. Then, sing (I specifically love the stage), read, cook, travel & take beautiful pictures (photography) and scrap booking, all of which are my own way of coping with life's challenges. Lately, I have been enjoying quilting and crafting with beaded fabrics. Friends usually associate me with the color violet. I love this color so much! However, I love pink, red, teal, orange, yellow as well! Coffee is my water and my happy food is cheesecake topped w/ blueberries, frozen yogurt, sansrival and cream puff. I mastered fettuccine carbonara because that is one of my favorite food along w/ broccoli with prawns and mushrooms. Of all the International cuisines, Japanese food is on top of my list. Secretly, I love "Stitch" - that grinning indigo pup. =) Seriously, I dream to become a philanthropist (starting off by providing shelter to street children in our country) and a famous author someday. I'm just waiting for God's time for my first book to be published.- It took me years to decide to blog, more so to write and have it out in the open. I started writing even as a child, I just keep them on file. It was my outlet. Approaching the year(s) they say where life begins, or If I may say, the sweeter life. It was a year full of emotions. As I lost both my parents already, the unfathomable sadness prompted me to pour them out in my writings and share them to the world, hoping it might lighten the heaviness of my heart. I live now with my son as a mother and as a daughter (as a friend and a sister), this has made me be ready to finally do what I am meant to do. Even If there's a lot that I wanted to do. This came first, like a first love that occupied a special place in my heart. It's a looong process, tiring, frustrating, exciting. The best part? is the happiness it brings. Even if things around seems all so wrong. It's like having my own place under the sun. My own safe and happy rainbowed world. At times, there's guilt as well, for I strongly believe, writing (like singing) is a talent God has gifted us. We ought to use it and maximize it, in our littlest way, share it to mankind, for His glory. I just had a few distractions over the years and to realize that it is never too late to be who we ought to be, I have this very strong feeling, now is the time. All my life, I have decided on things that made me happy, this is one of those. I may never be a winner of those best blogs that have been awarded to talented writers/ bloggers and I don't mind, there are strikes of being envious, but according to my father, there are two kinds of being envy. There's envy that is negative, it'll hamper you from doing good and there's an envy that makes you happy for others' success, or seeing yourself in their shoes, I think, the kind of envy in me, is the latter. Like celebrities who missed an Oscar, while the film was watched by the whole world, she/he did not mind, it's like knowing what counts best, and it's the capacity to share your talents to anyone who wants to receive it, without asking anything in return. Expressing what's in my heart and mind on every occasion (which happens to be daily) and being happy about it is like a prize already. Happy reading!(--,)

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