Contis, It is!

CONTIS Bakeshop and Restaurant

The first time I tried dining at Contis was at their pilot branch in BF Paranaque at President’s Avenue. I was not yet a blogger then. I just had blueberry cheesecake and had black gulaman and sago. I also took out some cream puffs and chicken pies to bring home as “pasalubong”.

Over the years, they conspicuously made a name in the Food and Beverage industry. I have read a lot of blogs about Contis. Maybe it’s time I write mine. I specifically favored their cakes and pastries. Not so much on their meals. I even bought a whole Mango bravo before for my boss. It was her birthday.

However, I prefer the blueberry cheesecake.

contis bb

Over this:

Chicken roulade..

Chicken roulade with saffron rice..

During Christmas, much as I want to buy their cake for my family, their branch near my place is swamped with their loyal customers. I ended up buying my Noche Buena dessert from another cake shop.

My cousin and I have been craving for Kare-kare, and recalling Contis brought our feet to their branch in Macapagal. It’s the nearest to our place at that time.

The interior design of this branch is cushy. The huge hanging lamps spoke for themselves as the focal point of the place and the array of displays of kitchen items added a special touch to the whole place. I must say Contis has grown big.

Huge lamps!

Nowadays, I noticed that kitchens of most restaurants are now visible to its’ patron. Said transparency allows us to be confident how well and organized they prepare the food of our choice.


We had our favorite Kare-kare for my cousin

There you go cuz!

and Gambas y champinon al ajillo.

potato salad
Been loyal to their potato salad eversince…=)

It is shrimps, garlic and mushroom in oil for myself. We ordered their bottomless iced tea as well and macaroni salad for dessert.

The Kare-kare’s shrimp paste is something that made it special for without it, it isn’t Kare-kare at all. I like the tripe, though the beef shanks I guess needs more minutes to boil. I had a hard time pulling off the meat from the bones and my cousin was even teasing me to use my teeth to pull them off. Yay!

All in all with the great ambiance, utilizing terracotta as color motif, it was a good lunch after all. =)


Adding up to their more than a dozen stores in the Metro, they recently opened a branch at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. The good thing there is, it’s just a stone’s throw away from our office. =)

This logo has been copied by a lot. Very reminiscent.

By the way, The brain behind is Chef Carole Conti Sumulong.

Happy eating! =)

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