Sitting Pretty!!!

“Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything.”

Reviewing my old photos. I suddenly noticed a common pose from several occasion. I just felt like sharing them. It was a bit funny though.

Leo Burnett office. =)


Sagada – 2011
casa san pablo
San Pablo, Laguna – 2010
Batanes – 2011
sit 3
Enchanted kingdom – 2011..
Enchanted Kingdom 2012…
echo liliw
Liliw, Laguna – 2013 (that’s my beloved son!)
Batangas – 2013
sp 3
Caleruega – 2011
sp 4
La Union – 2010
sitting pretty
Tagaytay – 2012
sitting again
Enchanted kingdom – 2013
Vigan, Ilocos Sur – 2013
Zambales – 2014
Serenity place 20009
Serenity place 2009
sit 2
Batangas – 2014!
cafe juanita
Cafe Juanita – 2013
Bay leaf hotel – 2015
town 1
Bohol – 2016
Vigan, Ilocos… – 2014
Balay Indang – 2016
las sitting pretty
Las Casas..2016..
Hotel Jen
Casa Juico

I must conclude, that unknowingly, this has been one of my favorite pose. Now, I am conscious! Lol! (–,)

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