Bicol Express…

Funny title though, my last visit to Bicol was a really quick one. So I thought of using the title: “Bicol Express”. And it’s not the famous dish, it is my less than 24-hour stay in Bicol since I just had to check on some important things work-related and then I’ll be back to Manila the following day.

I remember the days when I was a little girl, Bicol in my innocent eyes is stunningly beautiful. Not to forget mentioning that mountain with the perfect shape of a cone.

-Courtesy of Wikipedia-

I went there several times with my parents, by land, by air, by bus, by train. I can still recall, the stop-overs made the trip a little more exciting.

Visiting Bicol then is like a habit which is hard to break. Here’s sharing with you some memories of my childhood days during Summers spent in Bicol.

One of trips in Camalig, Bicol..I guess I am 9 yrs old here…
We needed to rest after the long hike..foot of Mayon volcano…papa on my right, mama’s the one sitted at lower right, my cuz on top..
Tiwi hot spring…some area are with exposed lavas, dip in raw eggs, take it out in seconds, and you’ll be surprised to find out it’s cooked already…that’s how hot it is..

I heard it is already a National park now…

Tourist guide claimed that big stone was a lava..

Unraveled Tiwi hotspring. Hiked on the foot of Mayon volcano. Ventured as spelunkers in Huyup-huyupan cave which has a cold feel (air-conditioned like feel) inside.

While this short trip, the last one I had after 25 years was so tiring, i literally dozed off in my hotel even if we’re supposed to have dinner outside eyeing Small talk cafe as suggested by bloggers I’ve come across with. Only to realized it was already the morning after when I saw more than 10 missed calls the previous night. Oh well, flying thrice a week from one place to another isn’t only exhausting, it is something my body can’t afford. Am I that old already? I’m only 30 something! ahaha! My body seeks some rejuvenation and without asking me, it did.

The only favor I could do for myself before leaving are the Pili nuts.


I recall as a child, we used to eat those that are still in their shells.

Courtesy of:

My papa, without using a nut-cracker, will open it DIY, and most of the time it’ll fly and mama and I will try to catch it faster than the other. It was a good time with my folks and we will all laugh on ourselves. The fresh ones are tastier than those that are sugared. I made sure to buy for my loved ones back home. Lots of them. Because hitting a town meant goodies for colleagues too. I bought those in bottles, the sweetened ones and a plate of “Laing” that’s being sold outside the airport .

I also had the chance to ask the vendor with her infectious smile as to how to impeccably cook “Laing” bringing me to another discovery. That I can mix “Dinuguan” with coconut milk too.

Legazpi airport…

Time flew so fast, it’s time to go.

Before boarding, I lovingly stared at Mount Mayon. More than 25 years have passed. She is still amazingly beautiful…

A painting of my uncle who gave us the chance to see how beautiful Bicol is. I guess he painted this when he is still young…



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